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Bài tập về đại từ nhân xưng trình độ cơ bản

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(VTC News) - Bạn sẽ dùng từ ''They", "You" hay "We" trong câu sau "______can never be sure whether our perceptions are correct".

1. _____like beer a lot in England.

a) They

b) You

c) One

2. Reading can help to expand_____ imagination.

a) one

b) their

c) your

3.______can never be sure whether our perceptions are correct.

a) They

b) You

c) We 

4. It is very difficult to put_____ in somebody else's shoes.

a) himself

b) oneself

c) myself

5. Every person should be held responsible for_____own actions.

a) his

b) our

c) their

6. If someone calls, tell____I'll be back in an hour.

a) him

b) them

c) us

7. In a place like this,_____never know where danger could come from.

a) you

b) he or she

c) they

8. One must think of_____in certain situations.

a) oneself

b) ourselves

c) himself

9. I don't believe anyone when_____tell me how good____are at something.

a) he/anyone

b) anyone/he

c) they/they

10._____have opened a new restaurant in the town centre.

a) One

b) They

c) You

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